Our Approach

Real-CIO Consulting provides short-term or long-term strategic IT Consulting help for small or mid-sized companies that cannot justify a CIO.  Real-CIO Consulting provides Interim CIO Consulting to companies of any size that are between CIOs to provide IT Strategic Leadership, Technology Risk Assessments, and recruiting and onboarding services.  All services are based on your Business Requirements.

Real-CIO Mentoring provides advice and career planning for technologists at all levels, students through new CIOs.   Our rates are reasonable.  In some cases, consulting or mentoring will be provided at no cost.  It really is about Paying IT Forward.

If services are provided without cost, you will be asked to donate to a non-profit organization that supports STEM Education or assistance.  If there is a consulting or mentoring fee, a portion of the fee will be donated to a non-profit organization that supports STEM Education or assistance.

Our Approach

Our Story

Our "Why"

After 40+ years in an IT Career, 20 in a CIO Role and involvement in many CIO and Professional Organizations, it is time to start giving back.  It is time to help companies that cannot justify a full-time CIO.  It is time to provide IT Leadership to companies between IT Leadership.  It is time to help mentor the next generation of IT Leaders.

It’s not about selling services. It is about "Paying IT Forward"!

Honestly, it is that simple.  I wish there were a deeper, more philosophical meaning.  I just want to help make our Technology community a better place.

Next Steps...

Where to begin...

Start with the blogs.  Read what interests you.  Provide feedback.  Dialogue with me.  Make this interactive.  Learn.  Improve.  Succeed.